How to ask for and accept help

How to stop viewing asking for help as a failure

As moms asking for help is so hard for us. We think it means that we failed and we are not good mothers. It's hard to even admit that we need help but asking for help can be life changing and give you the freedom to do the things you enjoy. 

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Jillian Grover
Jillian Grover

About the instructor

Jillian is a married mom of two beautiful girls ages 16 and 11 and a handsome little man age 6. She lives in Upstate New York and her family is her reason for everything.

She created her course because she is working on letting go of perfection and enjoying life more.  Everything in her life use to have to be perfect. She was wasting so much time making sure her house was spotless, her kids looked good and she appeared to be the “perfect” mother. It wasn’t until she realized that her family was miserable and didn’t even want to be around her because nothing was good enough that she knew she had to change.

It started with small changes that helped in such a big way and now she wants to help you too.

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Do you have trouble asking for help? Do you hate burdening others by asking them to help you? This course will help you overcome those thoughts and show you that we all need a little help sometimes.

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